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10 Best Used Car Websites for 2021

Our 10 Best Used Car Websites include the best resources to find used cars online, search for the best deals and compare different makes and models. Whether you are looking for prices on used cars in your area, used car ratings or just beginning your used car search, we have you covered.

#1 CarMax – Best Online Used Car Dealer

CarMax is our favorite online used car dealer. When we are not searching for exotic homes on Redfin or Zillow, we’re probably looking at used BMWs, Jaguars and Land Rovers on CarMax. They make it easy to search their national dealer inventory and their vehicles can be shipped right to your door. We love their certified quality and stress-free buying experience. CarMax gives you a free AutoCheck vehicle history report and they offer optional MaxCare¬†extended service plans. CarMax will also buy your car, whether you wish to buy one of their cars or not.

#2 TrueCar – Best Value Comparison Tool

If you are thinking at all about buying a new or used car, we definitely recommending using TrueCar’s search features to find a great price. TrueCar shows price ratings for new and used cars and we have found their value comparisons to be extremely helpful.

#3 Cars.com – Best for Quick Searches

We love Cars.com for their user friendly search navigation. If you want to run a quick used car search, Cars.com will quickly return listings at local dealers in your area. We find the website easy to use and appreciate their extensive list of local vehicles.

#4 Edmunds – Best for Comparing New & Used Cars

We love Edmonds for comparing new and used vehicles. Their site is easy to navigate and allows you to research prices, view incentives and dealer inventory listings, compare vehicles and get car buying advice and reviews.

#5 CarsDirect – Best for Obtaining Financing

CarsDirect has a lot of detailed information about the make, model and features of each vehicle. Their search tools are easy to use and their website provides easy financing tools that allow you to apply, qualify and know your options before visiting a local used car dealership.

#6 CarFax – Best Vehicle History Reports

Before we went any further, we wanted to stress the importance of doing a vehicle history report before you purchase a used car. Used car dealers differ on their policies around vehicle histories. While some like CarMax may avoid vehicles with extensive structural damage in their history, other used car websites may contain vehicles with salvage tiles that have previously sustained significant damage. Also be sure to check the car’s service history, the number of previous owners and the car’s historical uses to see if has been used a as a rental, lease or commercial vehicle.

#7 Kelly Blue Book – Best for Understanding the Value of Your Trade-In

Before trading in a used vehicle, we like to understand the value that we should expect to get in return. In addition to serving as a trusted source for vehicle valuations, KBB also breaks down a vehicle’s trade-in and private sale valuations. This information in helpful in deciding whether we prefer the convenience of trading the vehicle in or trying to sell it on our own.

#8 Turo – Best for Long Test Drives

One of the best ways to narrow your vehicle search is to drive a couple of the cars you are interested in purchasing. But, if you are just beginning your search, don’t want to waste a lot of time at dealerships or aren’t sure if five minutes behind the wheel is going to tell you enough, we recommend renting the make and model of the vehicle you are interested in on Turo. As the world’s largest car sharing marketplace, Turo allows you to rent someone else’s vehicle and they have a far more comprehensive selection than standard car rental companies that focus on the models that will be most profitable for their business model. Want to know how your back will feel after three hours behind the wheel? Try renting a vehicle on Turo for the weekend, especially if you are considering an luxury or exotic car.

#9 JD Power – Best for Used Car Ratings & Consumer Reviews

JD Power has long been a trusted source for used car reviews. Their annual awards are coveted by auto makers and their ratings are detailed and extensively cover the topics that we find the most helpful. We also appreciate their list of top alternatives, which help in considering similar makes, typically with equal or higher ratings.

#10 AutoCheck – Best Affordable Vehicle History Reports

If you want to check multiple vehicle history reports, AutoCheck provides a great service. While we prefer CarFax if you are only searching the history of one vehicle, AutoCheck has a great service and can be less expensive. AutoCheck also has a helpful scoring system to rate vehicles, which can be a useful tool.

What Used Car Websites did we Use?

Like we mentioned above, we love using CarMax to do nationwide searches. Since they don’t sell used Maseratis, we ended up searching on TrueCar and found a local dealer that had a fantastic price on a 2014 Ghibli S Q4. We used TrueCar’s value comparison tools and saved several hundred dollars by completing their “Get Your TruePrice” application. We also reviewed a CarFax vehicle history report and felt more confident purchasing this great car after reading the vehicle’s service history, number of previous owners and clean title status.


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